I started this blog as an authentic way to express myself on many levels.  Mainly, to promote a how-to healthy lifestyle and share my experience with others.  If you would like to set up a lifestyle consult via skype, please email me at chandonchic@gmail.com.

Be well and have a great day!

“My first post.  I feel nervous, like the time when I was sixteen and played my first rave at an American Legion in northern Indiana, except I’m wearing clothing that fits and my hair is its natural color…  This blog will be a place where I have recovered from my MS (multiple sclerosis) diagnosis and will continue to do so over the course of many years to come.  I do this by eating beautiful pure food, listening to inspiring fun music, participating in the beauty of life all around and connecting with exciting and interesting people, and telling parts of my story when it seems right.  Consider this blog a forum where I can learn from you, and perhaps, you may pick up a thing or two from me:  A way I can be held accountable and in so doing so, keep me well, vibrant and alive.

When I tell people all of the things I have done and continue to do for my health, many comment “Isn’t that inconvenient?”  My reply is “no,” but what I can tell you is that not being able to feel your legs or being so dizzy you are unable to lift your head without vomiting- THAT is inconvenient.  I wish I could tell you everything I do I learned in a book my MS specialist gave to me when I first got diagnosed, a straight forward “Heal Your MS” book, but that is not case:  Instead I got a drug encyclopedia.  Everything thing I have had to do I learned by doing my own research, experimentation and examination.  My remission has not come easy or without sacrifice, but I can tell you I would not change a thing.  Doubt, fear, insecurity and shame all plagued me as the tin of the diagnosis pierced through me and I tried to navigate my way.  A single mother of a two year old, I worried and worried away.  Many things I had once enjoyed left my life immediately; gluten, dairy and sugar.  Alcohol eventually left 4 months later, but that stuck to me longer than I anticipated.  I quickly read ‘The China Study’ and started asking questions to as many people I could about autoimmune and diet.  What do I eat?  I knew there was no clear answer on this, so I slowly started formulating my own “MS diet.”

Not only has my diet come a long way, but physically, emotionally and spiritually, I am a different person in the best way possible.  Some things about me will never change, like the fact that I grew up in New Jersey and will constantly buy hoop earrings no matter how many pairs I have, but I am happy to say my Jersey girl attitude about things is gone (most of the time)!  I have always had a healthy life.  I had already completed my Masters in Oriental Medicine when I was diagnosed.  I was a practicing acupuncturist and massage therapist eating mostly organic and exercising regularly.  I thought I knew all there was to know about health, but the MS blew that facade fast away.  Just because I could academically connect the dots, did not mean I was living a life of health and wellness for myself.  This life I have been given is one where you walk the walk, I don’t just get to talk the talk, grab a coffee between patients and go out for drinks on the weekend after a long week.  I stay have to stay consistent on all levels, for me, that is the only way.

For dinner right now I am having a fresh salad made of lettuce, carrots, apple, walnuts, lime juice, topped with 5 olives and sunflower oil.  On the side, I made flax crackers and guacamole.  This is a snip-it of the things I do that keep me well.  I am not going to be putting recipes on this blog.  I don’t follow them and why should you?  Formulate your own approaches to all things, not just the food on the table.” – Chandon Williams