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Part of healing my multiple sclerosis was the realization that I HAD to be active.  I had to get out for walks, yoga, capoeira and the like to make a real difference in how I felt.  I took on capoeira as a challenge to myself and my healing journey.  If you have ever seen capoeira, it looks hard (it is hard).  To someone who hasn’t seen it, I find myself saying “It’s kinda like kung fu break dance fighting.”  Seriously, just look it up because my description does it no justice.  It is not just a performance, it is the way you live your life.  My first response when I saw capoeira was “Wow, that was really cool.  I could never do that.  My body doesn’t work like that.”  I let that very limited view be my stance for awhile on the subject, but then something in me changed.  I started to realize if I was going to reverse something as strong as MS, I was going to need to reverse my way of thinking and my concept of aging as it related to my body.  So I began slowly training capoeira.  I was sore.  It was hard.  I looked “stupid” doing it.  It did not come easy and I felt so uncoordinated for the first 6 months.  I am naturally talented, so I often can start something new and fake my way through it looking like I have done it for years.  Not this.  The only thing that gets you better at capoeira is dedication and practice.  There is no cutting corners with capoeira and I enjoyed this part of it.  Now I am doing things with my body I never thought I would be able to do.  Now I take gymnatistics and use my body in ways that I couldn’t even when I was young.  Strength and flexibility are making their way back into my body and I feel I am reversing aging on all levels.  Thank you Omulu Guanabara Capoeria for the physical, emotional and creative strength you have so humbly taught me!

I recently made a “warm-up” mix for my capoeira group, Omulu Guanabara Madison (  I made it on the fly to celebrate the importance of movement, no matter where it comes from or how you look when you do it.  My capoeira name ‘agulha’ means ‘needle’ in English.  Jamie ‘Mandioca’ looked at me during the nicknaming ceremony and blurted it out and that’s how I got it.  How fitting for an acupuncturist and dj!  The more I think about it, the more I realize that is how I look when I play as well, straight up like a needle.  That is not how one should look by the way, so my New Year’s resolution is to keep my butt down when I play (and get to class more often), but really, I really do like my nickname..

Download this mix on my soundcloud page.  Feel free to share!


One by one, my clients call and cancel today due to the snow. Hope this mix below gives you hope, light and optimism through the darkness of winter.