I am serious. I cannot wait to be 35. Let me tell you why. It has been scientifically proven that every 7 years we renew our atomic structure completely. That is a 100% new you. Just think of all the amazing things you can do over the course of 7 years. All of the emotional debris we can get rid of, the toxicity in our cells that we can rid our bodies of and the enhanced physical appearance that we can create. I believe this is true and look forward to this transformation.  In accomplishing well being it’s not always about what we have, it’s often what we were willing to let go.

Using is raw plant based diet is one item I will embrace one my 100% renewal program over the next 7 years. The next will be spreading health and wellness to as many people as I can. For example, tomorrow morning I am buying a full spectrum sauna for my business Wisconsin Wellness and Healing Arts (http://wisconsinhealingarts.com/)! This way willing individuals in the Madison area will be able to rid their bodies of toxic residue from chemicals, pesticides and over cooked oils and fats right in my office. All of the people I get to help and meet everyday will keep me on my goal. Hearing others stories and personal life transformations help keep me inspired and focused.  We can create a healthier you, a healthier me and a healthier world.  Why not change Wisconsin into the wellness state?  Instead of people saying, “Aren’t you known for good beer and cheese?”  Instead we will hear “Wisconsin, isn’t that where all those health nuts are from?”  After all, we are all here for a beautiful, fun journey and we are all here together for a reason.

What age are you excited to get to?  What is your state going to be known for in 7 years?